Automotive & Motorcycle

On grimy city streets, salted highways, dusty backroads, or wet, muddy trails, your vehicle can be exposed to extreme elements and harsh substances every time you use it. Boeshield T-9® provides waterproof lubrication and protection against rust and corrosion throughout your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle.

T-9 is tough yet completely safe for paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or vinyl. Use it on all kinds of metal, as well as on wiring and belts, or to loosen rusty nuts and bolts. For use on engines, apply T-9 when the engine is warm but not running. Allow a few hours to dry before restarting to make sure the propellent has evaporated completely.

Use on cars, trucks and more:

  • Engine Compartments, including Batteries and Electrical
  • Inside Door Panels
  • Fender Wells
  • All Inner Sheet Metal
  • Undercarriages
  • Power Antennas
  • Door Hardware
  • Hinges/Latches
  • Engine Rust
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Battery Terminals
  • Trunk Lids/Hinges
  • Hood Cables/Latches
  • Aluminum Rims, Uncoated

For motorcycle use:

  • Cables
  • Lever Pivots
  • Battery Terminals
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Rusty Bolts
  • O-Ring Chains
  • Spoke Nipples
  • Aluminum Rims, Uncoated

Tough but safe. T-9 will not harm paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or vinyl. It can be used on engines, wiring and belts. T-9 is nonconductive and will not cause short circuits, so it’s also safe to use on electronics. To use T-9 on engines, apply when the engine is still warm but not running.

One step to long-term protection. Apply T-9 to any metal surface and let it dry. One simple step gives you a thin, penetrating film of durable, waterproof protection and lubrication that endures, month after month, mile after mile.