In the world of cycling, few terrains are off limits and endurance is essential, for both rider and equipment. A tough, long-lasting waterproof lubricant is crucial for safety and performance, whether you’re navigating dusty mountain trails or zipping along highways. Wet, dry or in dirt, serious cyclists rely on one product to clean, lubricate and protect—Boeshield T-9 does it all.

T-9 flushes out dirt and old lubricants, displaces moisture and penetrates moving parts in between the rollers and pins on drive chains, carrying the paraffin formula deep into these areas and coating them thoroughly. T-9 dries to a clean, continuous wax film that performs better than Teflon and lasts up to 200 miles without picking up dust, dirt or mud.

Use T-9 on:

    • Bike chain
    • Derailleurs
    • Control cables
    • Brake cables
    • Shift cables
    • E-bike electronics and connections
    • Caliper pivots
    • Inside seat posts
    • Spoke nipples
    • Inside frame

Reaches deeper. T-9 stays liquid long enough to permeate metal crevices and seep deep inside assembled components to leave a durable protective coating that lubricates and protects—all without dismantling your equipment.

Completely waterproof. T-9 dries to a clean, waxy, waterproof film that won’t wash off in rain, puddles or mud. You can rinse away sand, dust and grime with water, while leaving the lubricant intact.

One step to long-term protection. Apply T-9 to any metal surface and let it dry. One simple step gives you a thin, penetrating film of durable, waterproof protection and lubrication that endures, month after month, mile after mile

How to use T-9 on your bike chain:

Apply and allow to penetrate for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight) to guarantee full penetration. After penetration simply wipe off excess, leaving a clean thin film that will not wash off or pick up dirt. Inside all the small parts of your chain it will leave a waterproof lubrication that will last for hundreds of miles.

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